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 AF61 Spectacular - 61 Shot

One of our range of display quality fireworks, with 61 shots and massive 30mm bore size. Features a range of effects including red and green crackling flowers, purple/green/blue peonies, red stars with white glitter and crackling tails with large, crackling breaks. A stunning firework with highly impressive effects and perfect timing - simply Spectacular. CE & Dual fused.                                                                      £89.99


4X (50 Shot x 4)

 New for 2016, the Blacklabel display pack features four full-on, semi-professional cakes with amazing effects, massive bursts and impeccable timing. Good enough for pro-displays, 4X combines the best of todays fireworks in one display pack. Packed in pyro mesh, it’s perfect for 1.4G storage. CE & Dual fused.                             £175


Arabian Nights - 36 Shot

This 36 shot large bore CAT 2 firework is a masterpiece of pyrotechnics. Featuring effects such as crackling brocades with green stars, red crackles, and blue stars with gold brocades. The colours are crisp, the effects tremendous and the pace is perfect - Arabian Nights is a “must have” for any display. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                     £59.99


Awakening 266 Shot Display Pack

New for 2016, Awakening features dual fusing on all three fireworks in the pack. Combining outstanding effects with a mix of straight and fanned firing patterns, and with a duration of well over two minutes, Awakening is not one to be missed! CE & Dual fused.                                       £229.99

Candy Flies - 25 Shot Fan

Yes, a 30mm 25 shot fan cake for the back garden! Candy Flies is unlike any other product we stock. An incredible firework, it fills the sky with dazzling silver glitter which gently floats through the air. Candy Flies also features a gorgeous finale, complete with silver glitter lift mines - the perfect ending to any backyard display. CE & Dual fused.                                                            £54.99


Claymore "Blacklabel" - 100 Shot

Astounding effects is what Claymore is all about. This firework is so good that it’s widely used in displays by professionals, and now it’s available to the public. Featuring crackle lift mines, dragon eggs, fireflies, super brocades and coloured stars; Claymore is crammed full of power and energy. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                      £75


Daytona - 49 Shot

Just when we thought we couldn’t improve on our 49 Shot 30mm cake, we developed Daytona. The effects in this cake are truly outstanding and of display quality: glitter, dragon eggs, spinners and falling leaves being just some of them. A truly fantastic firework. CE & Dual fused.                                                 £74.99


Dominator (2x50 Shot)

New for 2016, this Blacklabel display pack features two outstanding large calibre display cakes which will leave you gobsmacked. Based on professional display cakes, Dominator is a no holes barred assault on the senses, with colossal bursts and stunning effects. CE & Dual fused.                                                  £150


Doomsday 500 Shot

Doomsday is one of our largest consumer fireworks with a monstrous 500 shots. Boasting a wide array of fast-paced effects; including multi-coloured comets, whistles, glitter tails and satisfying bangs. Doomsday certainly packs a punch and is great value at its low price point. CE & Dual fused.                                    £79.99


El Paso - 116 Shot

This 116 shot CAT 3 display firework ticks all the boxes. With a superb duration of around two minutes, the colours are vibrant and varied with effects to match. El Paso is a terrific firework at a terrific price. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                     £125


Fantastic Four "Blacklabel" (4x20 Shot)

Outstanding barrage pack containing four distinct 20 shot, 25mm “Black Label” cakes, each with professional quality effects. Effects include silver glitter with blue and red stars, red glitter with green stars, and more. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                 £119.99


High Impact - 244 Shot Display Pack

New for 2016, the name says it all. High Impact packs six display quality cakes into one pack, with each cake being dual fused. The range of effects are too many to mention, but with a combined duration of almost 4.5 minutes, High Impact is a must for any great display. CE & Dual fused.                                                         £195


Ice Breaker - 100 Shot

Ice Breaker mixes cool colours with vibrant effects to produce a truly outstanding firework for every occasion. This 100 shot CAT 3 firework is remarkable in its duration, pace and range, and its array of effects will undoubtedly make Ice Breaker a firm favourite for the entire family. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                               £54.99


Intimidator - 60 Shot

New for 2016, this full flash cake combines vibrant colours and dazzling effects to produce an outstanding firework with great duration and terrific value for money. Features truly massive burts, and a stunning glitter crackle finale. CE & Dual fused.                                                                 £99.99


Kraken - 109 Shot


New for 2016, this stunning “display in a box” mixes a beautiful range of effects with all the colours of the rainbow. Great duration and guaranteed family fun. PS. Watch for the unusual and surprising firing patterns - very striking! CE & Dual fused.                                                                    £84.99


Manic Miner "Blacklabel" - 16 Shot

Not one for the faint hearted. Manic Miner is a display quality 16 shot mine cake with professional quality effects and a mind-blowing finale. Each shot contains three bursts and is accompanied by a colossal mine lift. 16 shots may not sound a lot, but the massive 50mm tube diameter and hang time of almost 70 seconds make Manic Miner truly great value for money. CE & Dual fused.                                                    £84.99


Midtown Madness - 71 Shot

New for 2016, race on down to the bottom of the garden and put the pedal to the metal with this fantastic display cake. Combining a mix of straight up and corner screeching fan breaks, Midtown Madness is sure to be a firm favourite. CE & Dual fused.                                          £94.99


O.M.G - 25 Shot

The name says it all! This colossal 25 shot large bore CAT 3 display firework has it all: thick glitter tails on the ascent before breaking into a mix of vibrant multi-coloured effects; including willows, brocades and dragon eggs in a range of fantastic blues, greens and reds. O.M.G. also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                           £44.99


Overdrive 50 Shot

New for 2016, Overdrive is one of our new range of jaw-dropping fan-shaped fireworks; with tremendous professional quality effects and vibrant, vivid colours to leave you truly astounded. CE & Dual fused.                                            £89.99


Phantom - 210 Shot

With a combined time of almost three minutes, this pair of 105 shot CAT 3 fireworks have one of our longest running times! The Phantom pair feature a mammoth 210 straight, fan and V-shaped shots, making this pack a superb display on its own or an incredible part of a bigger show. Effects include a kaleidoscope of colours, crackles, glitter and a dragon egg finale. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                              £120.00


Pyro Heaven - 61 Shot

New for 2016, Pyro Heaven is sheer delight to watch. The timing and quality of effects are straight out of the pro-pyro handbook. This terrific fan cake features red stars turning to blue, with gold crackling brocade mines, before a finale of red to blue pistils with gold cracking brocades. Simply stunning. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                                  £69.99


Rampage - 150 Shot

Rampage is a full-on 150 shot CAT 3 firework which runs for almost two minutes! A terrific firework that will please all ages with a wide range of effects, including crackling flower balls, green glitter and silver fish to name a few. An outstanding product in both duration and value. Features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                                   £119.99


Showcase - 49 Shot Fan

As the name suggests, Showcase truly highlights what can now be done with a back garden firework. If you are looking for a stunning finale piece for your display or simply want a firework that everyone can’t help but talk about, then look no further. This has got to be one of the best fan-shaped CAT 2 fireworks on the market, featuring display quality effects such as a red-tipped brocade crown with green glitter, gold flitter and dragon eggs. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                         £49.99


Rio Grande - 80 Shot

This 80 shot cake combines pace, spectacle and gusto for the perfect display in a box to dazzle and amaze your family and friends. Featuring a stunning range of vibrant colours and effects, no show will be complete without the addition of this beautiful firework. CE & Dual fused.                                                               £99


Tango - 92 Shot

Tango is a tremendous 92 shot cake which brings you the spectacle of dancing, dazzling fireworks in the sky. Packing not only a punch with large bursts, Tango also features a stunning mix of display quality effects and incredibly vivid colours; making this top of the range firework perfect for any celebration. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                                    £119.99


Twisted Twins "Blacklabel" - 100 Shot

This pack contains two of our CAT 3, 1.3G, 100 shot, Blacklabel professional quality fireworks, each with primary and reserve fuses. These fireworks are some of the best available on the market and when you see the video you will know why. Twisted Twins wouldn’t be out of place in any professional display, making them an extra special product. Packaged in steel mesh for 1.4G storage. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                                 £149.99


Wipeout - 30 Shot


Wipeout is a jaw dropping 30 shot CAT 2 fan cake with some of the best effects we have ever seen in a firework. You’ll be holding your breath from start to finish while watching the mix of colours and professional quality effects. Effects include silver glitter, colour changing stars with a mix of gold, silver, red, blue and green, and so much more. CE & Dual fused.                                                                                                  £44.99


Klondyke Mesh Barrage Pack "Blacklabel"

A ground-breaking barrage pack bringing full on display quality effects to consumers, in a pack suitable for normal storage. Contains 100 shot, 50 shot and two x 25 shot cakes, featuring a mix of vivid colours and effects. Packaged in our easy-open mesh, Klondyke is perfect for mail-order. Also features dual fusing for added safety. CE & Dual fused.                                                £150.00


Oceans 3 - 35 Shot

Oceans 3 is a CAT 2 barrage pack with a difference. Containing 3 x 35 shot cakes, each with primary and reserve fuses and outstanding effects; meaning semi-professional effects are now safe and available for smaller gardens. Effects include crackle tails, glitter, brocades and much more. CE & Dual fused.                                                £95


The Gambler Barrage Pack

This barrage pack is a winning combination and beats many other fireworks hands down! Containing 3 x 25 shot large bore (30mm) display cakes, the Gambler sets the standard for others to follow. Featuring numerous effects, including blue/silver glitter, crackling lift mines, silver glittering horses tails... this list goes on! To top it off, we have named the cakes Viva, Las & Vegas.



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